Happy New Year 2012 & Goals For The Year

Many Goals for 2011 were accomplished and there were some that were not.  After reassessing, some of my goals I had for 2011, I decided not to follow through with as I feel they are not necessary right now.  


Goals For 2012

  1.  Meet my Porter Family in Las Vegas: Date set for January 24 & 25, 2012 (Bought ticket)
  2.  Boston University Genealogy Certification Program (Paid last payment 12/30/2011)
  3.  Worcester, Massachusetts Family Research Trip #2
  4.  New Bern, Craven County Family Research Trip: Summer
  5. Riverside, CA National Archive Research Trip
  6.  New York Research and Tourist Trip #4 February 2012
  7.  Write and Complete “Embraced Identity” and ready for publication in 2013.
  8.  Exercise 3x Week
  9.  Lose inches to be a size 8 petite
  10.  Continue Family Research & Blog
  11. Blog Research for “Cully Family History, An African American Legacy.
  12. Develop Porter Foundation with the goal to raise funds for at least 2 Elementary Schools.
  13. Blogging Presentation for San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group for January 2012.
  14. Attend the Roots Conference in Los Angeles, March 2012.
  15. Finish paying for Tori to Spain, April 2012.
  16. Finish paying for Tori’s School Ring, January 2012
  17. Build various streams of income for 2012.Read at least 2 books a month.
  18. Raise funds for Uncle Wendell Culley’s headstone.
  19. Orlando Florida and Cully, Switzerland…Jazz Festival, April 2012

With all these many goals, I am so excited for the New Year!!!  I wish you all a Happy New Year and a Bountiful Year!!!

The things I would like to accomplish from the Year 2011

The things I would like to accomplish for the Year 2011.

     Every year instead of doing resolutions, I put together a list of things to accomplish.  This year was pretty successful.  Here was my list for 2011, and I have already put my list together for 2012 and will post those on January 1, 2012.  May you all have a Happy New Year!  I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs, and look forward to reading more into the new year.

1.  Write Embraced Identity-A Memoir (complete manuscript by Jan 2012)  Maybe in June 2012…LOL

2.  Research for  The Cully Family History Book (Lot’s done and more to do)

3.  Trip to New Bern/Craven County, North Carolina to document and research (August) ? Not this year  🙁  Maybe 2012

4.  Trip to Worcester, Cambridge & Boston, MA to document and research (July end)Did an earlier trip

5. Plan Cully Family Reunion for 2012 in Florida.?

6.  Howard/Paulette 2011 Family Reunion in Chicago (July 1-5) (pd for registration and flight)  Ended up cancelling.

7.  Trip to Detroit, MI to get headstone on grandfather’s grave.  (Need to find another way)

8.  Have a headstone placed on Uncle Wendell Culley’s gravesite.  (made calls but did not make it happen)

9.  Put together scrapbooks of 2010 trips (done)

10.           Complete New York Family Research Trip Presentation by January 7, 2011 to be presented to the Genealogy group. (done)

11.           Help Vanessa buy a car.  (still looking)

12.           Get Victoria a car. (her dad’s going to get it)

13.           Save some $$$ this year. (Not)

14.           Plan for 2012 Trips to Martinsville, Virginia & Sistersville, VA for research. (Maybe)

15.           Help Tori with SAT for College  (Will be taking in 2012)

16.           Help Tori Research schools of choice: Howard U, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Univ of Irvine, UCLA & UCSD, and apply.  (We visited Harvard and Howard)  She thinks she will go to Cornell.

17.            Help Victoria apply for scholarships for school.  (Will be doing this soon)

18.            Help my Niece Brittnee get into her school of choice in NY- Fashion Institute. (not sure if this is what she will be doing)

19.           Develop and Improve family relationships(doing it)

20.             Piano Lessons  (Currently in process) (quit)

21.             Blog more. (Currently in process)  (doing it daily till my computer crashed…LOL

22.             Trip to Washington D.C. and Boston & Worcester (April 1-10, 2011)  Spring Break  (Done)

Orphan Photo #3

     I came across this photo in my mother’s collection.  I do not have any background information on this little girl, but on the back of the photo, it appears that her name is: Theda Fern.  I am guessing that this picture was taken in New York, but I could be wrong.
Actual Photo
Close-up Photo

If you see a different name, please let me know.

Theda Fern

Wordless Wednesday: Pastoral Visit, New Bern, NC

Pastoral Visit
New Bern, North Carolina
Post Card
(The Albertype Co. Brooklyn NY)
   This is a postcard I purchased a few years ago through e-bay.

Wordless Wednesday: Osborne Ambrose Cully’s 1918 Scrapbook

     Here is a page out of my Grand-Uncle’s 1918 Scrapbook.  The individuals are: Harold S. Saunders, Dick Neuman, and Jack.  No last name for Jack…Wonder if he was Osborne’s friend or was he family.  It looks to me that Harold was in the military.  These photos were most likely taken in Massachusetts or Connecticut.  Will do some research on Harold & Dick to learn more about Osborne’s friends.  Harold S. Saunders was an electrician as Osborne was.

     If anyone know’s any of these individuals or their families, please contact me and let me know more.  Thank you, and Happy Reaserching!!!