Betty Mae [Wilson] Peters – Wordless Wednesday

Betty Mae [Wilson] Peters was born on 25 Dec 1865 in Spencer, Henry VA and died on 25 Feb 1952 in Sistersville, Tyler County, West Virginia.  This was my Grandfather, Charles Irving Peters’ mother.  My mother Betty was named after her grandmother.  Betty Wilson was Native American and White. 

Betty Mae [Wilson] Peters, Agnes Cully Peters & Betty Mae Peters(2.5yrs)

(left) Betty Mae [Wilson] Peters and her sisters

These photo’s were in my mother’s collection, which were handed down to me in 2004.

Yancey D Peters & Carlotta Peters Pace: Sympathy Saturday

1978  in a local DC Paper
     Yancey D. Peters was my Grandfather Charles I Peters Uncle and Carlotta Peters Pace was Charles 1st cousin.
Yancey was born abt 1864 and passed February 10, 1920.  Carlotta was born in 1897 and passed Feb. 1, 1976.  
     Yancey was Carlotta’s father.
     I have never met any of the Peter’s family, as my mother Betty Mae Peters was not close to her father Charles.  It saddens me to think that there are a lot of Peter’s still living and I yet to meet them.  I hope to do so in the future.

Wordless Wednesday: Charles Irving Peters

Charles Irving Peters

My mother Betty Mae Peters father.  He was born on February 7, 1897 in Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia.  Charles died December of 1980 in Detroit, Michigan. (Served in the Army)