Vashon High School Class Photos 1948:St. Louis Missouri, Post #3

Here are some of the young black men of Vashon High School in the City of St. Louis, Missouri in 1948.  I came across my Uncle Henry Hodge’s scrapbook with photos in them.  This is the Third Post in the series of photos from Vashon High.  Hope you enjoy them.  I love the way the young men dressed back in the 1940’s.

Vashon High School Class Photos 1948:St. Louis Missouri, Post #2

Here are some more photos that were in my Uncle’s Scrapbook. This is a continuum of Post #1. If you would like to see the other photos posted from Vashon High School Graduating Class of 1948 go here .

Vashon High School Class Photos 1948: St. Louis Missouri, Post #1

Here are a few of the Graduating Class Photos for Vashon High School of St. Louis, Missouri of 1948. My Uncle Henry Hodge along with my father Walter J. Porter attended Vashon H.S.  Henry was two years behind my father. … Continue reading

Photo’s from Friends: The Dan Isaccsons

Henry Hodge (My Uncle) had this photo in his scrapbook collection.  This is a photo of Dan Isaacson and his family.  Henry met Dan the year he was a participant of the “Encampment for Citizenship” in New York in 1950.

The Issacsons

Military Monday: Segregated Army (Black Calvary)-Post WWII

     Loosely placed inside my Uncle’s [Henry Hodge] scrapbook I found an interesting photo of men on horseback.  I had seen this picture before, but thought it must have been taken at a racetrack, as the “Day of the Races.”  I continued turning the pages while looking at all the photo’s inside; then I put the scrapbook away for a few weeks.

     Now that I am beginning to scan the photos of Henry’s scrapbook, I came across this picture again, and upon further viewing, I noticed that the men in the photo were in military uniform. Since my Uncle  was in the next room, I decided I would inquire about the photo.
Mack Taylor & Other Army personnel training horses for Combat
Henry Hodge Photo Collection
     My Uncle stated that his friend Mack Taylor, from St. Louis, Missouri joined the army right out of high school, and he serving post WWII  in the Black Calvary, training horses for Combat before mechanism.  In 1946 & 1947 African American’s could not join the Marines.  The military was still segregated.  The post and the location of this picture is currently unknown due to my Uncle’s memory, but as soon as he remembers, I will add.

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