Harlem-Sugar Hill, New York Family Research Trip

This is the first trip I took to dig a little deeper into the life of my mother and her parents.  The trip was life-changing for me. Here is a slide show presentation that I did for research group, “The African American Genealogical Research Group.”  It is very long, but I hope you enjoy it.

Holiday Parties: Advent Calendar December 7, 2011, Christmas Memories

     Christmas parties was not on my agenda growing up.  We always had dinner parties in our home, and I do not remember going anywhere in particular to celebrate the holidays.  My mother and father however went to many through the years.

     I found this photo that was taken in the 1950’s in New York of my Mother, Grandmother and her friends.  
Christmas Party
Agnes Cully Peters (Center on couch)
Betty Mae Peters (on R-end of couch-poka dot dress

Wordless Wednesday: New York Worlds Fair (1939-1940)

I have other pictures of this day when my mother and her childhood friends attended the NY Worlds Fair during Negro Week in 1940.  The only one of her friends that I knew very well growing up was Pat.  She remained friends until my mother’s death in 2004.

Betty Peters @ New York Worlds Fair
Negro Week in 1940
Flushing Meadows, NY
(L to R)
Louis, Jacinth, Nickie, Betty, Pat

If you want to know more about the NY Worlds Fair go to these sites.

There are finding aids of the New York Worlds Fair at the New York Public Library (Negro Week).

******Exploring the 1939-1940 NY Worlds Fair Collection  (Thank You to Beverly A Harper for this link)

New York World Fair

Amanuensis Monday: Muriel Arrington Ferguson

I posted this photo awhile back but the correspondence was not attached at the time, so I thought I would do another post.

Muriel Arrington & Betty Peters with their dates
Betty’s dress made by Agnes Peters

Dear Betty

I promised you I would send you a copy of this picture.

It goes back a long way.  I don’t even remember where and when it was taken!

Oh how young we were.  We certainly don’t look the same.-but we have had long, interesting and fruitful lives Thank God.

You seem to have a better memory than I have.  Maybe you can remember where and when.

I hope and pray you are doing well and enjoying….

…all the good times you and Walter enjoyed with each other and with your children in your home and with your many friends.

This picture is the past and will remind you how you had fun then and how much more you have had since then.


Your friend, Muriel.

Oh how I wish my mother was still here.  I would have so much to ask her.  Oh how I miss her, and I guess I always will.

Wordless Wednesday: Civil Defense ID

     My mother worked for the Department of Welfare in Los Angeles as a Social worker.  She was hired June 24, 1955.  Betty shared with me that working as a social worker was one of the most depressing jobs she ever held.  She had to make home visits and she said that many of the apartments had roaches crawling on the floors, the rooms were unkempt, and many of the families were living under severe poverty. 
     While my mother was working as a social worker, she was taking classes at Los Angeles State College to earn her teaching credential.
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