Betty Peters 1942 Journal Day #10: Amanuensis Monday

This is a continued effort to transcribe my Mother’s 1942 Journal when she was 14-15 years old. She never imagined that it would become a part of the World Wide Web… (Nov 17, 1926-Jan 5, 2004) In honor of my mother.

Betty Mae Peters-15 years old

Page #52 (Bottom)
September 2, 1942

Bottom of page 52

Hello again! Yep your’s truly is still enjoying the wonders of 171 King St.  Oh luck!  Oh Joy! O happy day!  I met Richard (Dickie) Holt.  Let me tell you he’s one of the golden 10 out of every thousand.  He’s 26 and I’m going on 16.  Nevertheless….

Page #53

Page 53

…he’s got something there that I like and I’m going to do my best to be one of the golden 10 in his estimation.  Whoa boy!  Yesterday Uncle Ed took me down to spend the afternoon at his job.  (He’s an insurance broker at the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co.)  Did I have fun.  I wore my pink sharkskin with the stitched pockets and the pleated skirt.  It was the first time I had ever been in the building when it was occupied with workers (though I’ve been there often after office hours).  Uncle Ed introduced me to everyone as his daughter, but only two people (2 women) fell for it.  The other’s knew better.  I spent quite a while with….

Page #54

Page 54

…Miss Hampton at the “Women’s House.”  We had fun.  Nelson Bryant was all over the place.  (He’s taking me to the show again Thursday.)  I was sorry not to see the clown Otis summerville.  He was away on vacation.  All in all the day was one well spent. Uncle Ed and I had a ball.
P.S. I sighed longingly in the President’s lovely office.  Someday I hope to have a big office and a secretary too, I hope, I hope.  As evening came on Lensie called informing me that she and Arnie Cannon were coming over.  Having met Arnett the night before & Having been rather impressed, I was quite happy.  They came over here then we went to Lensie’s.  And yes Gods!!!!  What a juvenile…

Page #55

Page 55

..smoocher.  He’s around eighteen or nineteen & just at the puppy love stage.  I really believe that a girl fifteen is older than a boy eighteen.. He was naucious.  Oh he wanted to mooch, and boogie and hold hands, and hug and kiss and carry on.  Doesn’t he know that junk’s antiquated and out (but definitely out) of style as far as I’m concerned. By 13 or fourteen I would have been thrilled to pieces, but now going on 16, I’m looking for higher standards of co-ed companionship.  This “Hello messy, let’s get groovey?” stuff has got to go and so will Mr. Cannon (at least till he grows up.)   I still crown Earl & Dickie as the best.  They’re intelligent!  Thank God!

Page #56 Top

Page 56 Top

Aunt Ivy has a boarder, namely Myrtle Gaines (Who’s a blip).  We don’t know whether she’s a dope fiend or just a happy little moron, but something tells me (no matter what she is) that she won’t stay here long.
Saw Herbert Wilkins again in church.  Then he dropped by.  Too bad he’s marrying Rita & I’m not about 8 or 9 years older.  Well so long, pal.

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Betty Peters 1942 Journal Day #9:Amanuensis Monday

Every time I continue to transcribe my mother’s journal, I learn more about her as a child growing up in Harlem, NY.  I also have realized that the amount of journaling does not matter, it is the fact that one does journal at all is what counts.  I hope to leave something for my children and the next generations to read…and I feel that starting with my mom’s papers is a great beginning.

Betty Peters & Unknown Boy

Tuesday, August 25, 1942
Page #51

I’d better make this short because I don’t have much time.  I’m up in Springfield, Mass. for the first time in 3 years.  I’m sitting on the porch.  I have just finished writing 3 letters.  One to Mommie (telling her that Ruthie can’t come up with her this weekend.)  One to Ernestine Reynolds (Who is now at Camp Atwater and whose picture along with Louise Shaw’s and many others appeared in the Springfield Union Sunday) and one to Ear Miller (A very promising fellow whom I met about 3 weeks ago at the Cosmopolitan Tennis club’s 1st Annual Dance). Sunday I met Rev. Herbert Wilkins whose going to marry Rita Davis. He’s swell.  So’s she.  Jennie? is being like a sister to me.  She’s just…

Page #52

Page 52 Top

…swell.  She’s told me about lots of people.  I have met a portion of the Edmonds Family and  also Coolerige Breathweight also plays the organ beautifully.  I have not met Buddy, Lenny, Hal, Lucious, Lindsay nor Billy Gardner (Remember him).  Tonight I’m going to the show with Nelson Bryant.  He’ll do in a rush.  Oh I shouldn’t say that.  He’s nice.  Well so long till the next time.

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Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #8

This is a continued effort to transcribe Betty Mae Peters Journal of 1942.

Betty Peters in Springfield, MA

Day #8
Page #43 (Bottom)
April 27, 1942

Page 43 bottom

Me oh my, how time does fly.  I haven’t written in this little pad in so long that for a moment or 2, I positively forgot it existed.  Instead of writing what “has” happened….

Page 44

…in the life of me since March 1st, I’m sure it would take up much less time and space if I jotted down what hasn’t happened.  However here goes with the latest news.
Directly following Gwennies party, Barbara threw a little shindig that was quite nice.  All the gang minus Jimmy + Lloyd was there and I would have had a fine time if it had not been for Ed Watt who seemingly took a shine to me and wouldn’t give me a moments peace all night. Yesseree Gods I don’t mind being (That is I simply love being) wooed by someone I like but mushy, slushy Ed Watt Phooie!  However, all of my running away was not in vain.  I think….

Page #45

Page 45

…that he’s cured because recently he gave a party to which I was not invited.  I never thought I’d really be glad to miss an invite to a social but this time it was music to my ears!  Gods he’s naucious!!
Item 2 on the list is Dottie’s party as of last Saturday night.  I won’t go into the details lest some prying eyes should fall on this page, and the mouth belonging to the same face owning the eyes should speak a word of it to the outside would, but I will say this much.  I was doggone glad when mother came and took me out of that “place.”  Ruthie has been telling me so much about Robbie Green well I…

Page #46

Page 46

…met him at Dot’s and agree with Ruthie “he’s swell.”   He likes me too.  Well now! That’s something!

I missed the Tovanni’s this year but all who went told me it was fine.  I know it was cause Lois belongs to it.  She’s a peach.  I’m going to visit her before anyone else.  Lord knows I owe her a dozen.  Jimmie T. has finally found her and it looks like a match.  I hope so.  He’s run around with so many drips (and I do mean W.B.) that maybe someone decent can do something decent with him.  Poor lil’ fellah.  He thinks that I’m still angry about the football game.  As if anybody could stay angry with a fellah with all…

Page #47

Page 47

…his personality for very long.  He’s a devil, but I like him.  Ho-hum wonder Billy is.
I have decided that I want to be a Doctor.  It’s the greatest ambition I’ve ever had. Here’s hoping I’ll stick to it and how!  Mother thinks it’s a swell idea! Halp! We agree!!!  (I’ll have to go to Mrs. Barnes in the Main Office (She’s my G.W. 4-7 grade advisor and ask about having my Spanish changed to Latin.
Speaking of Medicine and such mess, I went to the Dentist (for the first time in 7 years) a few days ago.  Dr. Anna Johnson is my dentist; I think she’s swell.  Women make fine dentists I’LL say!!!

Page #48

Page 48

The other day Ruthie and I saw Merle Oberon on fifth Avenue.  She’s stunning!  It was then that I decided to be a doctor.  Her presence gave me inspiration.  But now as I write I still know that if I thought I’d have 1/10 of a chance I’d turn all my thoughts toward Journalism, my true love.  Ah!  Life is a mudda, I can’t make up my mind about anything, career, boys, or anything.  But then there’s more variety in in changing around and oh how I love variety!
Charmaine is still running wild over Nickie Haurnakoff. Note”Twenty years from now, I’m going to have her in stitches teasing her about it.  So help me!
Likewise Muriel and Leslie only they’re both the some color (well almost the…..

Page #49

Page 49

…same) and besides that the feelings mutual.  I can see his pint but not exactly her’s.  The better for her, I’ll never try to steal him.
Ollie Stewart is Australia bound to be a Foreign Correspondent covering the war. Boy, I envy him.  I think maybe I’ll be a Journalist after all, Who knows?
JN is at a new camp, I don’t know where.
Lloyd Rogers has lost his mind again (probably over some girl).  Now he wants to join the Canadian Air Force and die before he’s 26.  Some peoples children!
My little chum (Barbara of course,) spent the weekend in Philly watching Frankie…

Page #50

Page 50

…Dickson (of whom we are all proud) and dozens of other fellas do their stuff in the annual Philly Track Meet.Scottie (Gladys to you) went with her, and they stopped with her friend Valerie.  I’ll have more to tell you  after I see her (She’s coming home tonight) By the way she likes Desmond Margeston, now he’s cute.  I hope this is really a match there, both so cute.  Especially together.
Some G.W. people
Howard Edmead, Sonny Louth, Hatting Cuttingham, Gladys, Chammy of course, Niki, and lots more  but I can’t think of them all.  I’m going to Camp Atiwater “I hope, I hope”

Gee more than anything else in the world right now I want to get to know Richard well. He’s the answer to a Maiden’s prayer.

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Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #5

This is a continued  effort to rewrite my mom’s journal before it deteriorates…

Betty Peters was born November 17, 1926 in New York, and was raised in Sugar Hill, Harlem.  Betty attended NYU and double majored in English and Journalism.  Betty left NY in 1953 and moved to Los Angeles and then in later years moved and raised her family in San Diego, CA.  Betty Porter was an Elementary School teacher for over 35 years.  Betty moved on to Glory to be with her soul mate Walter Porter on January 5, 2004 at exactly 12:00am..I miss her everyday, and I am most honored to read her writings…Interesting how when one passes on you understand them better…Miss you Mom!

Betty on Tar Beach overlooking Manhattan

Page #35

Page 35

February 13, 1942

Miss Lombard was a great actress, comedian and a great person.  She was the ex-wife of Min. Powell and the present wife of Clark Gable.  She, her mother, and her press agent and 21 army officials met death when the west bound plane hit a mountain top.  All were burned beyond recognition.  The world lost a great person in losing Carole Lombard.  God rest her soul.


Today is Friday the 13th.  Tomorrow is Valentines day.  I went out this evening and bought a cute card for Mother, but she doesn’t know it yet.  I’ll show it to her tomorrow morning.  Maybe if we start out laughing, the whole day will be pleasant.  Today we all worked very hard,…

Page #36

Page 36

February 13, 1942  (contd)

(me running errands) and we were all very grumpy.  You know how some days are.  I’ll be glad when it’s over.
We are now living in “War Time” savings.  Just like “daylight savings” time the clocks have been set ahead one hour.  When I get up at 7 to go to school it’s really 6.  Gruesome!  Speaking of School, I have been going to the main bldg now exactly 2 weeks and 1 day.  I have fallen right into the general idea and feel quite at home, even on the most crowded trolley.  I jus’ luv it!  Kids at Stitt seem like infants to me now!
Muriel and Leslie are groovy.  Likewise Gwennie and Irving (he’s new to me! but not bad, not bad at all!) Muriels’ had a  fever. In fact…

Page #37

…her temperature rose to 103 and 2/10 degree.  I went to see her today and she’s better now.
The latest thing in my young life is three new boys:

  1. The boy who lives downstairs in Mrs. Bradford’s Apt 52.  I don’t know what his name is ____________yet!
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Betty Peters Journal (Day 4), January 18, 1942

Betty Peters on Tar Beach, NY
[Jan 4th journal entry continued on Jan 18, 1942]
Page 26 (end)

January 18, 1942

For Those Born Under the Sign of “Scorpio,” or on November 17

“You will get along best with persons born between June 22, to July 22 and Feb. 19 to March 20.”

“Persons who will help you most during your life will be those born between Oct 23 to Nov 21 and Dec 22 to Jan 19.”

“Most of your difficulties will come from or through persons born between March 21 to April 20th and  July 23 to August 22nd.”

Mars, the God of War is your….

Pg #27

page 27

…ruling planet.  You were born in the eighth house of the zodiac which is the house of (Wiels?) and Legacies.  Therefore you may expect a legacy sometime during your life.

“Your chart shows you to be aggressive, determined and energetic.  You have an active mind and are thoughtful, optimistic, and fearless (eh now!!!)  These are some of your inherent good qualities.  However, you may also have some faults that can develop into bad habits.  There are times when you may become pessimistic, vindictive, destructive, and suspicious.  You may delight in making sarcastic remarks (how true!!!) Take inventory of…

Page #28

Page 28

…yourself and realize how much happier and successful you could be if you would learn to develop the more positive and finer tendencies in your nature and eliminate those that are undesirable and may have caused you considerable unhappiness and embarrassment from time to time.

“According to the Science of Astrology, your Lucky day is Tuesday, your luck colors are blue and green (my bedroom is green and rose). your luck flowers are the carnation and the chrysanthemum (I love the latter); your lucky jewels are the opal and topaz (Mother gave me a topaz (my birthstone) for graduation from Stitt last year, June 1941.  I am wearing it now.  I also had a “roof”…

Page #29

Page 29

 …party. Arthur (Arizona) Littljohn was there (eh now!!!); and your lucky numbers are 3 and 6.

P.S. Our house is numbered 4 6 0; We live on the 6th floor and our apartment no. is 63!!! Oh fun! Oh Joy! Oh happy day!

In reading up I found that the following movie stars were born under my sign Scorpio. Oct 23 to Nov 21.

      • Hedy Lamaar
      • Judy Canova
      • Jack Carson
      • Mary Beth Hughes
      • Ruth Hussey
      • Dean Jagger
      • Veronica Lake
      • Mary Lee
      • Gene Tierney
      • Renee Zucker*
      • Walker Bacon*
*Childhood friends

Page #30

Page 30

Persons I will get along with best: June 22 to July 22, February 19 to Mar. 20 are:
Desi Arnaz, John Carroll, Lou Castello, Martha O’Driscoll, June Preisser, Red Skelton
*Iva Mae Pope

Persons who will help me most during my life are all those on the proceeding page who were born from Oct 23 to Nov 21 and the following (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

Dana Andrews
Lee Bowman
David Bruce
Sussana Foster
Carole Landis

Page #31

Page 31

 Persons I may not get along too well with are those born between Mar 21 to Apr 20, July 23 to Aug 22.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Alan Curtis
Richard Denning
Stirling Hayden
Frances Langford
Ann Miller
Gene Reynolds
Regis Tommey
Cohina Wright Jr.
Jane Wyatt
(Unkie was born on July 29, but who say’s I don’t adore him?)

Speaking of movies I saw 2 killer dillers this week.  Tuesday the 13th, Mother and I went to see the Maltese Falcon at the (old sock) Washington, cor. 149 and Amsterdam, NYC.

Page #32

Page 32

 Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor had the leads and were followed closely by Peter Lorre & Elisha Cook, Jr. (The Latter, a newcomer)  The “Falcon” was marvelous.  I give it AAA1/2.  Shortly before I saw the “Falcon”, Ruthie and I went to the RKO Hamilton (Con. 145 & Broadway-City). where “Suspicion” with Joan (Rebecca) Fountain and Cary (Penny Senenade) Grant. Nigel (Dr. Watson) Bruce gave them some competition.  The picture was fine.  I give it also AAA1/2.

Yesterday Ruthie treated me to the Roxy and dinner afterwards. I don’t know when I’ve had such a swell time.  In the lobby we saw the new 3 dimension photo’s  Gee They’re swell.  The picture was “I wake Up Screaming.”  It was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  Full of mystery, suspense,…

Page #33

Page 33

…The stars were:
Betty Grable-ah legs!!!
Victor Mature-Fine Phisique
Carole Landis-Up and coming
There is a new Hollywood star named Laird Cugar who played the insane detective.  He was thrilling.  So was Elisha Cook Jr. (who ended up to be the murderer).  This was my “speed” picture.  It was tense and exciting without being exaggerated and unreal.  The acting was superb and so was Ruthie for taking me.

Last Thursday, I got 9 plus in my (Mr. Martyn, Isham) oral topic.  Mr. Sidafsky informed me that my Geometry average is 90.  Next term when I am in 4th I shall be in the “Alpha” Math Class. That’s the smartest Math Class.  I hope to rate a scholarship certificate…

Page #34

Page 34

…next term.

Getting back to movies my favorites are now:
Bette Davis
Ida Lupino               }Women
Ginger Ragens

Cary Grant                                   }The Big Six
Errol Flynn
Clark Gable             }Men

In my estimation these are the greatest actors and actresses in Hollywood.  Let’s see how my opinion changes in the future. (My opinion so often changes!!!)

Thousands of movie fans in the U.S, and other countries of the world were shocked and then deeply moved to hear that Carole Lombard was dead!!!