Funeral Card Friday: Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

May 23, 1918- June 10, 2012

Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

An ending of a generation in the Bunn family has given me the sense that my generation is on deck.  We are the grandparents now and there is no cushion in front of us.

My heart was saddened to know that my Grandmother‘s brother passed away in June of 2012.  I haven’t spoken about his passing too much, as I think and ponder why I didn’t pursue the urgency of speaking with him a little more often.  I did however speak with him a few months before his illness got the best of him.  At this point, his memory was not as strong, but my Great Grand Uncle Robert did speak with me about his days on the plantation in Lake Providence, Louisiana and Arkansas.

I was not able to attend the Celebration of Life for Robert W. Bunn, Jr., but was pleased however to have received the program card from my cousin Wes, Robert’s son.

Robert Wesley Bunn Sr: Louisiana Farm

Removing items from boxes, organizing, filing and making folders for documents the last few days has allowed me to unearth some items I had forgotten about.  I came across this old photo of my Paternal Great Grandfather Robert Wesley Bunn, Sr. taken at his home in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.  
Robert Wesley Bunn, Sr. was born November 26, 1878 in North Carolina.  He died in 1960.
I had seen this photo before but had not looked at the detail because I  said to myself, “I can’t see his face.”  I had no value of the photo at the time, but upon further investigation, I noticed that he was looking out unto his field (farm) and/or observing the bus load of people. It looks to me as there are a few individuals that have burlap bags, and were possibly preparing to go out in the field for the day to pick some cotton, or whatever needed to be harvested.
My grandmother Helen Bunn told me when I was a child that her father had crops of cotton, and tabacco. I believe he was a sharecropper.  When I have the opportunity, I hope to do a little more investigation and find out more about his farming.  
Robert Wesley Bunn, Sr.
Helen Bunn Photo Collection