Tombstone Tuesday: The Scripps Family of San Diego

I normally do not take pictures of other’s family tombstones and post, but I had business at Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego last week.   When I was finished, I drove around a little and noticed a large monument with  the last name Scripps, and I thought?  The famous Scripps of San Diego, where more than half of the hospitals and other buildings are named after?  So I jumped out the car and started snapping anyone with the last name Scripps in the area I was in.  When I got home I looked up the names on find-a-grave to see if anyone posted the tombstones already.  Only one had been posted and I had the Scripps family I wanted….So…Here I am posting and at a later date will be posting on Find-a-grave.  I will also update this post with pictures of the individuals and their bio…as all of them were fascinating.  Need to get approval from the family estate to use….so keep an eye out for the update…

Scripps: San Diego Pioneers (copied a portion from this link)

“Edward Willis ( E. W.) Scripps – The founding father
Born: June 18, 1854
Died: March 12, 1926
E. W. Scripps was born to James and Julia Scripps in Rushville, Ill., and spent his early years there.
At 18 he went to Detroit with $80 in his pocket and a determination to make his way in the world. After working briefly as a drugstore clerk, he founded The Detroit News with his older brother, James E. Scripps. Associated with Ed and James in this venture were another brother, George, and a sister, Ellen Browning Scripps. E. W. was put to work in the circulation department, but soon gravitated to the editorial department. The newspaper remains in operation under this name today, but is not affiliated with The E. W. Scripps Company.
By the time he was ready in 1878 to launch his first paper, he must have formed some clear and fixed concepts as to the kind of paper it would be. That newspaper, The Penny Press in Cleveland – later to become The Cleveland Press – was a clearly written newspaper targeted toward blue-collar readers and designed to reach the greatest possible number of people. It was inexpensive and popular in appeal. It was a medium of popular education.
E. W. Scripps lived to be 71, and had six children. To the very end he left no doubt who was in charge. On March 12, 1926, his yacht, Ohio, was anchored in Monrovia Bay, Liberia. His health was poor; he had a hunch this might be his last voyage. “If I die,” he had told his secretary, “bury me at sea.” After dinner Scripps complained of feeling ill, and in 20 minutes was dead.
As he wished, the crew slid his body into the Atlantic Ocean. They wouldn’t have dared not to.
At his death, he left 25 newspapers; United Press, an international news service he founded to compete with The Associated Press; Newspaper Enterprise Association, a newspaper syndication service and forerunner of United Media; and numerous public buildings and projects that had been funded by Scripps’s charitable giving.”

 Here are some pictures of the tombstones I took of the family’s plot…

Wife of E.W. Scripps

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Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #8

This is a continued effort to transcribe Betty Mae Peters Journal of 1942.

Betty Peters in Springfield, MA

Day #8
Page #43 (Bottom)
April 27, 1942

Page 43 bottom

Me oh my, how time does fly.  I haven’t written in this little pad in so long that for a moment or 2, I positively forgot it existed.  Instead of writing what “has” happened….

Page 44

…in the life of me since March 1st, I’m sure it would take up much less time and space if I jotted down what hasn’t happened.  However here goes with the latest news.
Directly following Gwennies party, Barbara threw a little shindig that was quite nice.  All the gang minus Jimmy + Lloyd was there and I would have had a fine time if it had not been for Ed Watt who seemingly took a shine to me and wouldn’t give me a moments peace all night. Yesseree Gods I don’t mind being (That is I simply love being) wooed by someone I like but mushy, slushy Ed Watt Phooie!  However, all of my running away was not in vain.  I think….

Page #45

Page 45

…that he’s cured because recently he gave a party to which I was not invited.  I never thought I’d really be glad to miss an invite to a social but this time it was music to my ears!  Gods he’s naucious!!
Item 2 on the list is Dottie’s party as of last Saturday night.  I won’t go into the details lest some prying eyes should fall on this page, and the mouth belonging to the same face owning the eyes should speak a word of it to the outside would, but I will say this much.  I was doggone glad when mother came and took me out of that “place.”  Ruthie has been telling me so much about Robbie Green well I…

Page #46

Page 46

…met him at Dot’s and agree with Ruthie “he’s swell.”   He likes me too.  Well now! That’s something!

I missed the Tovanni’s this year but all who went told me it was fine.  I know it was cause Lois belongs to it.  She’s a peach.  I’m going to visit her before anyone else.  Lord knows I owe her a dozen.  Jimmie T. has finally found her and it looks like a match.  I hope so.  He’s run around with so many drips (and I do mean W.B.) that maybe someone decent can do something decent with him.  Poor lil’ fellah.  He thinks that I’m still angry about the football game.  As if anybody could stay angry with a fellah with all…

Page #47

Page 47

…his personality for very long.  He’s a devil, but I like him.  Ho-hum wonder Billy is.
I have decided that I want to be a Doctor.  It’s the greatest ambition I’ve ever had. Here’s hoping I’ll stick to it and how!  Mother thinks it’s a swell idea! Halp! We agree!!!  (I’ll have to go to Mrs. Barnes in the Main Office (She’s my G.W. 4-7 grade advisor and ask about having my Spanish changed to Latin.
Speaking of Medicine and such mess, I went to the Dentist (for the first time in 7 years) a few days ago.  Dr. Anna Johnson is my dentist; I think she’s swell.  Women make fine dentists I’LL say!!!

Page #48

Page 48

The other day Ruthie and I saw Merle Oberon on fifth Avenue.  She’s stunning!  It was then that I decided to be a doctor.  Her presence gave me inspiration.  But now as I write I still know that if I thought I’d have 1/10 of a chance I’d turn all my thoughts toward Journalism, my true love.  Ah!  Life is a mudda, I can’t make up my mind about anything, career, boys, or anything.  But then there’s more variety in in changing around and oh how I love variety!
Charmaine is still running wild over Nickie Haurnakoff. Note”Twenty years from now, I’m going to have her in stitches teasing her about it.  So help me!
Likewise Muriel and Leslie only they’re both the some color (well almost the…..

Page #49

Page 49

…same) and besides that the feelings mutual.  I can see his pint but not exactly her’s.  The better for her, I’ll never try to steal him.
Ollie Stewart is Australia bound to be a Foreign Correspondent covering the war. Boy, I envy him.  I think maybe I’ll be a Journalist after all, Who knows?
JN is at a new camp, I don’t know where.
Lloyd Rogers has lost his mind again (probably over some girl).  Now he wants to join the Canadian Air Force and die before he’s 26.  Some peoples children!
My little chum (Barbara of course,) spent the weekend in Philly watching Frankie…

Page #50

Page 50

…Dickson (of whom we are all proud) and dozens of other fellas do their stuff in the annual Philly Track Meet.Scottie (Gladys to you) went with her, and they stopped with her friend Valerie.  I’ll have more to tell you  after I see her (She’s coming home tonight) By the way she likes Desmond Margeston, now he’s cute.  I hope this is really a match there, both so cute.  Especially together.
Some G.W. people
Howard Edmead, Sonny Louth, Hatting Cuttingham, Gladys, Chammy of course, Niki, and lots more  but I can’t think of them all.  I’m going to Camp Atiwater “I hope, I hope”

Gee more than anything else in the world right now I want to get to know Richard well. He’s the answer to a Maiden’s prayer.

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Sundays Obituary: Rev. Leroy Porter

Leroy Porter was my father’s half brother (Walter J. Porter). Leroy was the youngest son of his father (Harrison’s) first wife (Pearlie). Leroy’s mother died when he was very young, and his father Harrison married my dad’s mother Helen Bunn. They were together only five years, in Lake Providence, East Carroll, Louisiana, as my grandmother ran away from the farm life with my dad in tow.  My Grandmother wanted my dad to get an education and not be a sharecropper as most of Harrison’s children had been tilling the ground.

I had not met any Porter’s, until about three years ago. Sure, I heard about a few of my father’s older siblings, but did not have any in person introductions (at least not that I can remember).

I found Leroy’s daughter Gaynell, who had never been married or had any children. In our phone conversation, I told her I had someone take a picture of her father’s headstone and put on findagrave.  I asked her if her mother was still living as her name was on the headstone also but with no ending date.  Gaynell informed me that she had died 8 years ago, but was not able to have her buried in the plot they had purchased, because the State had shut the cemetery down for an investigation.  She was very distraught and upset from this conversation, so I told her that I would help her to get her mom buried next to her father.

We met last year in Los Angeles, CA and the reunion according to my estimation was considered a family research trip, as the purpose of my trip was to take her mother’s ashes to the cemetery where Leroy Porter was buried, and find other names of family buried at the cemetery.  Gaynell had her mother’s ashes in her closet and told me she could not rest until she has her mother in her resting place.

Photo of Headstone

 I was prepared when I visited Gaynell…After negotiations with the necessary authorities, I was able to have it approved for Martha Jones Porter’s remains to be buried next to her husband.  My next task is to get the headstone etched with Martha’s ending date.

When I took Gaynell to the cemetery she had a sense of relief.  She was not in the best of health, but she was at peace.  She gave me a hug and said it was a God sent that I had found her and that this burden was lifted.

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Those Places Thursday: The Hotel Theresa

Old PC bought through e-bay.

I heard my mother talk about Hotel Theresa located in Harlem when I was growing up, as she shared with me that this was one of the hotels that was segregated until the 1940’s.  It was one of those Swanky places.  Between 1913-1940, the hotel would only accept White guests.  In the 1940’s, it was opened to many of the well known African Americans such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, etc.

My mother told me that in the 1950’s her mother held some of her fashion shows in the hotel.  I yet to find the documentation, as I have found articles of her shows in other locations around Harlem.

This Hotel is also famous for housing Fidel Castro and his entourage during the opening session of the United Nations in 1960, as other Hotels would not accept his money.  Fidel Castro and Malcolm X met and had conversation at the Hotel Theresa.

Current Day picture dated December 18, 2010.

When I visited Harlem in December 2010, I took this picture of the historically designated city landmark building on the Corner of 125th Street & Adam Clayton Powell.  The building was converted into office spaces in 1971, and is now called, “Theresa Towers.”  This building has a rich history…and I can just hear the walls speak….This building is majestic as it stands against the sky.

Daily Journal, July 12, 2011

Today was a day of trying to recover from this nasty flu I have.  I mentally wanted to do a lot of research and writing today, but my body was not having it.  I did accomplish a few things however.

  • Completed writing today’s post: Betty Peter’s Journal.
  • Prepared two posts for Wordless Wednesday,  and posting of a video of the African Burial Grounds in New York.
  • Spoke with my Cousin in North Carolina re: Family Tree and research.
  • Worked on Family Tree today, since I deleted the one I had, and have sworn that I would never do that again.
  • I will prepare next few days posts before the weekend. My Niece is getting married!!  Yahoo!!
  • Need to put together a display board on Walter Porter for the Porter Elementary school Graduation Ceremony.