Ada “Bunn” Harp: Funeral Card Friday

I spent every Summer at my grandmother’s home in South Central Los Angeles, CA. This period of my life of every year, I called it “My Freedom Time.”  I was free to have fun and could stay outside until the street lights came on.

Up the street was a convalescent home where my grandmother’s forever foster daughter, Diane Dudley used to spend her time volunteering.  I started visiting the  convalescent home when I was 7 years old as I had a relative that was a resident in the home.  Her name was Ada Harp, and everyone called her “Aunt Ada”  I am unsure even to this point what our actual relationship is on the family tree.  This is a question I will be answering within a few days.  What I do know is that she is related to my Grandmother Helen Bunn, my father’s mother.

When I visited Aunt Ada, there was a male resident that was smitten to my Aunt.  I believe his name was Joe.  I would push him or push my Aunt Ada around in their wheel chairs, and just spend time talking to them.  Aunt Ada lived to be 94 years old (so I was 9 when she died).  I remember her as always being so positive and upbeat, and she was always happy to see me.

Joe, Aunt Ada, (Me), and nurse
Visiting the Convalescent Home
Aunt Ada, (male cousins in front-Unidentified) Me,
Brother Marshall, Betty Porter, Walter Porter & Unidentified relative