Memories of My Grandmother Helen Bunn- Part #2

This is a continuum of Memories of my Grandmother Helen Bunn, Part #1.  Go here  if you would like to follow my train of thought.

My brother and I used to call my grandmother Helen “Granny”, and she seemed to fit that name perfectly.  Some of my memories of her:

  1. She loved to watch wrestling on Television.  I could never figure out what made her like it so much, but she would laugh and cheer her favorite wrestler on.  I swear it was comedy!  I don’t know if it was so much comedy watching these men wrestling with masks and tight underwear on as much as it was watching my grandmother have a ball laughing at them.  She really got into it.  Sometimes she would try to put a move on me, by putting me in a head lock…and she would just laugh as I would be yelling for her to let me up…lol
  1. Another pastime was my grandmother loved to watch the Roller Derby.  Since she lived in Los Angeles, her team was the Thunderbirds.  She was always rooting for Gwen Miller aka “Skinny Minney”; she was always doing a stunt and skating under someone else’s legs.  It was a special treat when we would go to the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium to see our favorite skaters.  Of course, I always had to have cotton candy when we went.
  1.   So you see, my grandmother liked Wrestling, she liked Roller Derby, and she loved the “Hee Haw” show.  I spent many a day watching this show with her.

Helen was a church going woman and a leader in her church.  I spent every summer at her home and every Sunday we were at church.  Going to church was a weekly ritual when I lived at home, but the type of church I went to at my grandmothers was the African American Episcopal (AME) Church.  What I liked most about attending her church, was the music. They had the soulful gospel music and the old-time spirituals.  The tambourines, foot stomping and clapping and raising of hands excited me, something I was not accustomed to as I was brought up in a Presbyterian  and Methodist church, whose musical style came off as pious and self-controlled.

When I reflect back on my childhood, I can picture my grandmother’s bedroom and on her dresser sat an offering box that was shaped like a church.  This is where I would withdraw some funds to take to church and give for offering.  She told me that it was important to give tithes and offerings as this is what God would want us to do.

So, if you read my last post, you see, I had a grandmother whose father was a sharecropper, and Helen picked many a day of cotton.  She loved tobacco, and I learned this firsthand.  She ran off the farm to ensure that my father got an education; which was well worth the run as he earned a Ph.D, became an educator himself, and had two SD City Schools named after him.

My grandmother loved the rough and tough type of entertainment and she was a very soulful individual.  I can remember everyday tunes that she would sing around the house such as “Go Tell It on The Mountain, and Amazing Grace.”

There is so much more to this woman I called “Granny.”  I have good memories of these formative years of my life at my grandmother’s home and there are more memories to share such as the old health remedies, community activism, and discipling….follow me next time to part #3.