First Day of Spring 2015

Celebrating my birthday April 2014 at the Ports O Call Waterfront Restaurant in  San Pedro, CA

Celebrating my birthday with family on April 2014 at the Ports O Call Waterfront Restaurant in San Pedro, CA             [Herlinda Mitchell, Brian Edwards, me & Brittnee Edwards]

Like any other day, tomorrow signifies a new beginning, and a new season. I love Spring as many people love New Years Day. During this time, I always begin to reflect on where I have been and where I am going. I celebrate my birthday in April, so this is also a New Year for me.

I tend to feel refreshed even though I struggle with the “spring forward” of day lights savings time. We lose an hour, and really, frankly, I need that hour back! What sense does it make as we all try to recover from this loss of time?

So here I am, at my desk, preparing for my long day of reading. I will be attending the Forensic Genealogy Institute in Dallas on March 25-28, 2015, and there are lots to do before we sit in a classroom all day and get into the nuts & bolts of having a genealogy business, which covers Client Interview Skills, Contract Drafting, Source Citations, Reports, Affidavits, Exhibits, Complex International Cases, Documents & Deeds, Expert Witness Preparation and at the end a Mock Trial which includes Q & A.

Some of the materials that we are required to read are items that I did not have to purchase because it was a part of the curriculum of the  Boston University Genealogy Research Certificate Program. The well known resources are Evidence Explained & Professional Genealogy by Elisabeth Shown Mills. Along with that, we are to read an article regarding Qualifying the Expert Witness: A Practical Voir Dire, by Gil I Sapir, JD, MSc.

I have taken various courses over the last five years, however the difference now compared to then is that I feel more prepared and ready to take my skills to another level.

I am also planning on attending the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI) for my third year. I always learn something new, and it helps me to develop my skills.

The reason for all the workshops, classes, and institutes, is that I am honing in on my niche. I completed my Paralegal Certificate Program from University of San Diego in December 2014. It is my intention to be hired by a probate attorney who focuses on estate planning. I have received a few inquires and once I get back from Dallas, I will be moving towards that end of employment, and building my genealogy business.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by all the posts on facebook and all the other social media pages that have tons upon tons of genealogical information. I really cannot keep up with it all.  It is like information overload.

One must really stay connected via social media as this is where you learn the latest of whats happening within the genealogical community and foster some great friendships. So in order for me to not feel so overwhelmed, I will have to systematically decide what blogs, articles, and pages to read and set a time in my day to do so.

I want to hear from you my friends of the genealogical community….What are you doing in this field, and what do you do so that you do not feel overwhelmed? Please comment and I promise I will respond.