Funeral Card Friday: Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

May 23, 1918- June 10, 2012

Robert Wesley Bunn Jr.

An ending of a generation in the Bunn family has given me the sense that my generation is on deck.  We are the grandparents now and there is no cushion in front of us.

My heart was saddened to know that my Grandmother‘s brother passed away in June of 2012.  I haven’t spoken about his passing too much, as I think and ponder why I didn’t pursue the urgency of speaking with him a little more often.  I did however speak with him a few months before his illness got the best of him.  At this point, his memory was not as strong, but my Great Grand Uncle Robert did speak with me about his days on the plantation in Lake Providence, Louisiana and Arkansas.

I was not able to attend the Celebration of Life for Robert W. Bunn, Jr., but was pleased however to have received the program card from my cousin Wes, Robert’s son.

not so Wordless Wednesday: The Bunn Family

      I was not sure of the identity of all the people in the picture, as everyone has aged since this time.  This picture was taken at my paternal grandmother’s home (153 E. 121st Street, Los Angeles CA).  I believe the photo was taken in the 1970’s.  
     In 2008, I was re-acquainted with some of my Bunn family at my Grand Uncle Robert Bunn’s 90th birthday party.  I posted this photo on my cousin Wesley’s facebook page to see if he could help me identify some of the family members as he was in this photo.
(L to R) Front Row: Kevin Bunn, Beatrice Bunn Watkins & Wesley Bunn
Back Row: Willie F Thompson, William Bunn, Robert W. Bunn, Jr., Rochelle Bunn & Helen Bunn Thompson

     My grandmother was Helen Bunn Thompson and her two brothers were William & Robert Bunn

not so Wordless Wednesday: Robert W. Bunn Jr- 90th Birthday

    These photos were taken at my Great Grand Uncle’s 90th birthday in 2008.  Robert is my dad’s favorite Uncle, and my grandmother Helen Bunn’s second to the youngest sibling.  My grandmother was born in 1903 and has been deceased for 22 years now.  My Uncle Robert is still living in Rialto, CA.

Yvette (Me) and My Great Uncle Robert Wesley Bunn
     I  do not remember meeting my Uncle Robert before his birthday party, but my father used to talk about him all the time.  The party was like a small family reunion as I had not seen the Bunn’s family since I had been twelve years old and possibly since my grandmother’s funeral in 1989.

     I had not heard from this side of my family for years, but I was very curious as to if my Uncle Robert was still living and I began searching for him in 2002 or 2003.  I found him and we began communicating over the phone, then I lost contact with him.  The search was on again.  I had a difficult time finding Robert so I decided to find his daughter Rochelle.  It took me awhile but with today’s search engines, I succeeded.

Bunn’s and the Porter-Moore’s

     Uncle Robert talked to me a lot at his party, but he did not seem to remember as much as I was hoping he would about his days in Louisiana growing up.

The household consisted in 1920 consisted of

Robert Bunn       Father
Edith                   Mother
John  (19)
Helen  (16)
Elizabeth  (13)
Mary   (10)
Joseph  (7)
Hattie  (5)
Robert Bunn Jr.  (1yr 11mo.)
William Bunn (Born in 1920 after the Census)


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