Sympathy Saturday: Osborne Ambrose Martin

Sympathy Saturday – While Funeral Card Friday and Sunday’s Obituary revolve around a clipping related to the death of an ancestor or relative, with Sympathy Saturday you can post about any aspect of the passing of a person. This is an ongoing series by Anne Kruszka at GeneNotes and Generational.

Osborne Ambrose Death Certificate

     Osborne Ambrose Martin was my Second Cousin 1x removed.  He was born to Jacob Martin and Izora C. Whittington on August 29, 1911 in Township 5, Craven, North Carolina.  Osborne was named after my Great Grandfather Ambrose E. Cully’s son Osborne Ambrose Cully, who was born March 29, 1899.  My Great Grandfather’s Sister Sarah Frances Cully was Osborne Ambrose Martin’s Grandmother. Our common ancestor is William Henry Cully. Jr who is my Great Great Grandfather and the father of Ambrose and Sarah F. Cully. 

Osborne was married to Jennette Moore and they were blessed with children.  Osborne died of a Brain Tumor on June 26, 1971 in Durham, North Carolina at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC.  He was buried at the Hyman Chapel Church Cemetery in Craven County, NC  on July 1, 1971.

Osborne Ambrose Martin

     I recently posted Osborne’s son’s (Julian Martin) obituary on my blog and I was contacted by Osborne’s grand-daughter (Tracy Martin).  I was very excited because my side of the family were not connected with any of the North Carolina family members of this branch of our tree for over 60 years or more.

     So I say, post and document about your ancestors on the internet, because it only takes Google and luck to link you up with family.

Thriller Thursday: Self Surgery

Are there murders, bizarre accidents or other thrilling stories among your family history? Tell us about them through words and pictures during Thriller Thursday. This is an ongoing series by Anne Kruszka at Gene Notes.

This is not someone related to me but it belongs in Thriller Thursday, and maybe a relative might be researching and stumble across this post.
Robesonian Newspaper
Trenton, MO
November 7, 1957


Trenton, MO-Gilbert McCulley, 49 used a pocket knife to cut of his left hand when it was caught in a mechanical corn picker.

McCulley, working alone on his farm near Galt, Mo., said he shouted before resorting to the knife.

  He then unhooked his tractor and drove three-quarters of a mile to his house.  A daughter called a relative who brought McCulley 20 miles to a hospital in Trenton.  His condition was reported as fair.

Wow!  Self-Surgery!  I could never imagine doing this…but he had a supernatural strength that came across him and he survived a tragic accident of losing his hand.


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Photo’s from Friends: The Dan Isaccsons

Henry Hodge (My Uncle) had this photo in his scrapbook collection.  This is a photo of Dan Isaacson and his family.  Henry met Dan the year he was a participant of the “Encampment for Citizenship” in New York in 1950.

The Issacsons

Amanuensis Monday: There’s REAL Progress in San Diego

     A few years ago, the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database was offering free access for a week.  I took advantage of it and inputted family and close friends of the family names to see what articles I would find.  I had found about 80 articles that I felt were relevant to my family and historical research.
     The article below had my father “Wally Porter” and my Uncle, “Henry Hodge” along with some of the community leaders of San Diego that I knew, of which I bolded their names.

Wash’s Wash
Col Leon H. Washington Jr.
Los Angeles Sentinel (1946-2005); Feb 11, 1971
ProQuest Historical Newspapers Los Angeles Sentinel: 1934-2005
pg. A6

Wash’s Wash
       There’s REAL Progress in San Diego
                                Col. Leon H. Washington. Jr.

Several days ago I rode down to San Diego to see some old friends and to get a firsthand view of the growing city and its community activities.  Accompanying me on the trip was my assistant, Bill Robertson.
I was amazed at the building program now under way.  In practically every commercial area of the city you will find ultramodern facilities going up.
The recently built 1-1/2 mile toll bridge is a sight to behold,as the beautiful man-made island that has several famous-name restaurants on it.  The new airport is practically in the heart of the city.  There is no doubt that San Diego is fast becoming one of California’s most progressive cities.
Many years ago when I used to go to San Diego there were few Negroes in the city.  Now, I am told, there are more than 60,000 Negroes residing in the town.
My longtime friend, Atty. Al Montgomery, told me Negroes are really advancing and obtaining better paying jobs than ever before, in spite of the tight job situation.  Like in most places in recent years they had to do a bit of protesting and voicing their demands.
Montgomery, according to a reliable source, is reported in line for a judgeship.  The longtime Republican is one of the most prominent attorneys in the state.  I hope the governor appoints him very soon.
 Leon Williams, a very likeable young man, is the only Negro city councilman there.  Report on him is that he is doing a commendable job as a lawmaker.
We saw Wally Porter, a former Angeleno, who now lives there and is with the San Diego Adult School System.  Also learned that Henry Hodge is making his home there and is holding a big county position.
Understand there are quite a number of young lawyers, teachers and administrators there now who formerly lived in Los Angeles, Porter and Hodge are said to be among the top young men of leadership in the city.
While at Montgomery’s law office, my old friend H.W. Ragsdale came in.  He is the owner of the Anderson-Ragsdale Funeral Home.  He was looking fine and is still active in the progressive community programs.  He told me that confirmation for approval of San Diego’s first black bank had recently been made.
The proposed directors and organizers of the Community Bank of Sand Diego are: Richard A. Bland, who is also president of the Logan Heights Realty Board; George Walker Smith, member of the San Diego School Board; Charles T. Robinson, captain of the San Diego Fire Dept.; Hartwell W. Ragsdale, Atty. Alpha Montgomery, Mrs. Valleta Linnette, San Diego faculty member and Hayward Bland, real estate investor.
The trip was most delightful and I was pleased to see some of my old friends and spend the day looking at progress being made in the border city that will benefit the majority of its residents and visitors.
The community progress campaign continues!

Sunday’s Obituary: Julian Endler “Lil Pete” Martin

     I discovered this obituary on my cousin Dennis Ellis’ fb page, and discovered that Julian E. Martin, known as “Lil Pete” is my 3rd cousin.  I wanted to give Julain tribute by posting his obituary on my blog.  I am so moved, amazed, and feel so blessed that searching and finding family has become easier.  I pray that one day I will be able to meet my family in North Carolina.
     From Julian Martin’s Obituary, you can tell he was a talented individual.  I know that my new found family and his friends will miss him, and I pray for their grieving at this time.


Upper Marlboro, MD — Julian Endler “Lil Pete” Martin passed away on Friday, September 23, 2011 in Atlanta, GA.
Martin was born to Osborne A. and Jennettie Moore Martin in New Bern, N.C. on August 26, 1948.  He graduated from J.T. Barber High School in 1966. He was a 1969 alumnus of North Carolina Central University where he played football. Upon graduating from NCCU he was a 12th round draft choice for the Dallas Cowboys where he spent a brief time with the Cowboys.  NCCU inducted Martin into the NCCU Sports Hall of Fame in 1987.
Martin pursued in a career as education in the Trenton, North Carolina School System.
Then he moved to Maryland and began a career with the Safeway Stores that lasted for 40 years.
Martin was preceded in death by his wife, Sally Teague Martin in June of 2009.  He is survived by his two daughters, Jillian Martin, Esq. of Chicago IL and JaKenna Martin of Upper Marlboro, MD and a Grandson, Devery Ballenger of Washington DC
He is survived by his four Siblings and their Spouses: Vernon A and Mary Martin , New Bern, NC; Raymond A. and Maxine Martin, Fayetteville, NC; Aaron (Big Pete) B, (NCCU 1964) and Lois M. Martin, Springdale, MD & Jacqueline A. and Valerion Hodges, Upper Marlboro, MD.
He is also survived by an Aunt in New Bern and an Aunt in New Bern Havelock NC as well as numerous Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and Friends in various Locations in the US.
The Wake is scheduled for Friday, September 30th from 6 pm – 8 pm at JB Jenkins Funeral Home located at 7474 Landover Road, Hyattsville, MD 20785.
The A Walk to Remember” Homegoing Services will be held on Saturday, October 1st at Hemingway Memorial AME Church located at 6330 Gateway Boulevard, District Heights, Maryland 20748. The Pastor is Rev. Samuel E. Hayward III.  The final viewing will be from 10:00 am-11:00 am. The Homegoing Services will start at 11:00 am. The burial is at the Ft. Lincoln Cemetery and will be immediately after the Homegoing Services.
Published by NCCU Metro DC Alumni Chapter on September 27, 2010