Sports Center Saturday: Vashon H.S. Wolverines Football 1946 & 1947

Vashon High School is a public school founded in 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. The School was named in honor of two African-American educators: John B. Vashon & his son George B. Vashon.

My father Walter J. Porter, who they referred as “Cisco The Kid,” and his best friend Henry Hodge (Uncle to me) played the same year on 1946. My father was 2 years ahead of Henry in High School. My father was #31, and in 1946 was the Vashon High Football captain.

My father did not play football after H.S. as he said he had a bad knee and really wasn’t that big; but my Uncle Henry played for the U.S Marines in the 1950’s while he was stationed in San Diego. 

[After I posted my Uncle Henry said he rode the bench the 1st 2 years he played football, and frankly doesn’t know how he even got picked to play with the military].  

(The collection of photo’s are from Henry Hodge’s scrapbook)

Vashon H.S., St. Louis, MO Football Team
Walter J. Porter #31-Football Captain
Henry Hodge #26
Letters Certificate for Vashon H.S. 1947
Presented to Henry Hodge
Henry Hodge on the field of Vashon HS for Practice
(on the visible far right)
Vashon H.S Football Team 1947
Henry Hodge #41 (sitting directly in front of #51)
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Amanuensis Monday: NAACP Sets KKK Action

My Father was the President of the San Diego Local Chapter of the NAACP in 1976.  I was 8 years old at the time.

[Transcribed from Los Angeles Sentinel, Dec. 16, 1976]

A multi-pronged plan of action to deal with the current crisis at Camp Pendleton involving the Ku Klux Klan and black Marines has been announced by NAACP leadership following a special meeting attended by National Regional NAACP staff and branch members from San Diego.

     The special meeting was called in response to regional request for information regarding the state of affairs related to the incidents, according to Mrs. Virna M. Canson, Regional Director.
     “We have received numerous requests for information and investigation,” Canson said.  “The immense scope of this problem calls for the co-operative efforts of our Region and National offices.”
     The groups set as a first priority an investigation to determine if there is adequate defense of the black Marines.
     “Regional legal representatives will take immediate steps to ascertain the quality of legal representation the black Marines have at this time,” Canson said.
     Wally Porter, president of the San Diego Branch NAACP, called for the 14 black Marines to be removed from confinement.
     “We are hard put to understand how white Klansmen have been disbursed to other bases and have freedom of movement while blacks are being held in confinement,” Porter declared.
     “It is not our purpose to suggest guilt or innocence, we do believe, however, there exist procedures which would be more equitably applied.”
National NAACP’s Acting Director of Branch and Field Administration William Penn, said, “We at the National office will lend any support possible to the efforts of the NAACP in this area.”
     In other action the group called for a Congressional investigation and constituted the local Board as a committee of the whole toward this action.
Porter commended the San Diego Urban League and its director Clarence Pendleton for their efforts in bringing this matter to the forefront.
     “We welcome support from any other organizations who may wish to work with NAACP in its comprehensive attacks,” Porter said.
     Interested persons may contact him at (714) 236-9078.

The material, both written and photographic on these pages is the copyright of Yvette Porter Moore unless stated. Material on this site may be used for personal reference only. If you wish to use any of the material on this site for other means, please seek the written permission of Yvette Porter Moore
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Jack Porter: My Father’s Favorite Brother

Jack Porter was born on May 16, 1908 and died in September of 1984. I vaguely remember meeting my Uncle Jack. He was my father’s oldest half Brother born to Harrison and Pearl Porter in East Carroll, Lake Providence, Louisiana. My Father talked very well of Jack. Going through papers, I found this newspaper clipping of Jack…Not sure what paper it was in but was from the Los Angeles, Carson area. My search will be to find out what local newspaper it was in like the Sentinel Black Newspaper.

I remember my grandmother Helen Bunn mentioning Jack fishing and bringing them fish back whenever he went. I just think this is a great shot of him with the fish he caught and I am sure my grandmother cleaned it and prepared it for him, as she did on many occasions.

I recently connected with family on the Porter side that knew Jack and spoke with his wife recently.  I am planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas to collect and record stories of my Uncle’s life from his son that he adopted from a family member….(soon to be revealed to me.)

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Not So Wordless Wednesdays: Hill Family & Walter J. Porter

The Hill Family
(L to R)  Ezell, Blanch & Linda in middle

When my Grandparents Helen Bunn & Willie Frank Thompson died in 1989 & 1990 ( a few months apart, my dad took me to their home, and I was told I had 10 minutes to pick out whatever items I wanted.  The house was ransacked by family and non-family members that had been through the house weeks ago.

My grandmother’s jewelry was gone, and anything I would have thought of as precious.  The only thing I could find to take was two photo albums and my grandmother’s bible.  I didn’t know the value of it at the time.  I was nineteen years old, and was very sad that I was not able to recover my grandmother’s wedding ring.  I was her only grand daughter and my dad was her only child.  Willie Thompson was my father’s step-father, and honestly I did not care for him as he was mean to me.

The photo (above) is of the The Hill Family of which I am related to.  Blanch’s maiden name was Bunn.  I didn’t know who they were, but in 2008, I went to celebrate my Grandmother’s youngest brother’s 90th Birthday, Robert W. Bunn, Jr.  He is still living to this day.  I brought pictures to the gathering to have relatives help me to identify.  Robert’s daughter Rochelle sat down with me and some of the Elder’s and helped me to identify the photo’s. This family was from Chicago, and then moved to Los Angeles.

Walter James Porter

My Dad, Walter J. Porter @ 12 years old Working at Wester Lingo’s Ice Cream in St. Louis, MO in 1940

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Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #5

This is a continued  effort to rewrite my mom’s journal before it deteriorates…

Betty Peters was born November 17, 1926 in New York, and was raised in Sugar Hill, Harlem.  Betty attended NYU and double majored in English and Journalism.  Betty left NY in 1953 and moved to Los Angeles and then in later years moved and raised her family in San Diego, CA.  Betty Porter was an Elementary School teacher for over 35 years.  Betty moved on to Glory to be with her soul mate Walter Porter on January 5, 2004 at exactly 12:00am..I miss her everyday, and I am most honored to read her writings…Interesting how when one passes on you understand them better…Miss you Mom!

Betty on Tar Beach overlooking Manhattan

Page #35

Page 35

February 13, 1942

Miss Lombard was a great actress, comedian and a great person.  She was the ex-wife of Min. Powell and the present wife of Clark Gable.  She, her mother, and her press agent and 21 army officials met death when the west bound plane hit a mountain top.  All were burned beyond recognition.  The world lost a great person in losing Carole Lombard.  God rest her soul.


Today is Friday the 13th.  Tomorrow is Valentines day.  I went out this evening and bought a cute card for Mother, but she doesn’t know it yet.  I’ll show it to her tomorrow morning.  Maybe if we start out laughing, the whole day will be pleasant.  Today we all worked very hard,…

Page #36

Page 36

February 13, 1942  (contd)

(me running errands) and we were all very grumpy.  You know how some days are.  I’ll be glad when it’s over.
We are now living in “War Time” savings.  Just like “daylight savings” time the clocks have been set ahead one hour.  When I get up at 7 to go to school it’s really 6.  Gruesome!  Speaking of School, I have been going to the main bldg now exactly 2 weeks and 1 day.  I have fallen right into the general idea and feel quite at home, even on the most crowded trolley.  I jus’ luv it!  Kids at Stitt seem like infants to me now!
Muriel and Leslie are groovy.  Likewise Gwennie and Irving (he’s new to me! but not bad, not bad at all!) Muriels’ had a  fever. In fact…

Page #37

…her temperature rose to 103 and 2/10 degree.  I went to see her today and she’s better now.
The latest thing in my young life is three new boys:

  1. The boy who lives downstairs in Mrs. Bradford’s Apt 52.  I don’t know what his name is ____________yet!
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