Wordless Wednesday: Pastoral Visit, New Bern, NC

Pastoral Visit
New Bern, North Carolina
Post Card
(The Albertype Co. Brooklyn NY)
   This is a postcard I purchased a few years ago through e-bay.

Wordless Wednesday: Osborne Ambrose Cully’s 1918 Scrapbook

     Here is a page out of my Grand-Uncle’s 1918 Scrapbook.  The individuals are: Harold S. Saunders, Dick Neuman, and Jack.  No last name for Jack…Wonder if he was Osborne’s friend or was he family.  It looks to me that Harold was in the military.  These photos were most likely taken in Massachusetts or Connecticut.  Will do some research on Harold & Dick to learn more about Osborne’s friends.  Harold S. Saunders was an electrician as Osborne was.

     If anyone know’s any of these individuals or their families, please contact me and let me know more.  Thank you, and Happy Reaserching!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Walter & His Gang

     This is a photo of my father in the middle of his boys…He was always the leader and always the one that stood out.  This photo had been in the Newspaper.  I believe my father was about 12 years old at the time.  I love the boy’s clothing and they are fashionable with their hats.
Walter Porter in the front and Center
abt 1939

Wordless Wednesday: Orphan Photo #2

     I believe this photo was taken in the late 50’s or early 60’s in Los Angeles, CA.  Not sure if they are family members or friends of my parents.  If anyone can identify, let me know.

     On Second thought, The lady standing to the right with the red dress on, looks like my mother, but my mother  would be in her 30’s.  I have never met her paternal side of the family, so it is possible that they are “Peters.”  If this is the case, the location of this gathering could be Detroit, Mi, Washington D.C. or possibly Chicago, IL.
Family Gathering
Individuals Unknown

Wordless Wednesday: Orphan Photo #1

This photo came from my paternal Grandmother’s (Helen Bunn) scrapbook.  I am not sure who this child is, and hope that one of my relatives will know.
Unknown Child
Close-up of Unknown Child