Thursday, October 4, 2012: My Genealogy Corner

Today was not a big genealogy day.  Spent a lot of time out of the house running errands.

Some of the things I did do today was:

  1.  Purchased an accordion file, folders, notebooks and sticky notes so that my daughter and I can stay organized while she applies to colleges and scholarships for next year.
  2.  Went to Staples and Kinko’s to have the pencilman Artwork copied on hard stock paper and then went to Aaron Brothers to purchase a couple of frames for the portrait of my Father, Walter J. Porter.  I will be going to the elementary school tomorrow to have it presented for the North Campus library.  We had the presentation of the originals before school let out in June 2012. (The portrait below and a duplicate will be on each campus Library).
The Pencilman and me at the Walter J. Porter Elementary School with both portraits.  The one I am holding has another copy for library.

The Pencilman and me at the Walter J. Porter Elementary School with both portraits. The one I am holding has another copy for library.

  1.  I wanted to get to my Hairston family research today but really did not have the time.
  2.  I did begin a family tree on Walter & Cora Davis…as one of my Hairston cousins was doing some research, and I was curious as to what they were interested in knowing.
  3.  Well, now I will be doing at least one or two photo posts before I head to sleep.  I just do not feel that I accomplished much until I have at least posted a few times on my blog.
  4.  I did get my I-phone today and hope I have the time tomorrow to set it up.
  5.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day…Doctor appointments, and lots of phone calls.
  6. One of the highlights of my day was talking to one of my parents and uncle’s good friend in Los Angeles, and his sharing stories about my Uncle, their friends and my parents back in the 1950’s.  He said he knew all the stories.  Our plan is to get together, go out for brunch and record him all day as he tells the stories that I am so eager to hear.

Well this is all for now…See ya all tomorrow.


Wordless Wednesday: New Deputy Fire Chief Richard C Cully

This is my 1st cousin 1x removed. I purchased this photo on e-bay. You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover his photo.

Family Collection in possession of Yvette Porter Moore

Family Collection in possession of Yvette Porter Moore

Written on the back:

Another Cambridge First _ Cambridge City manager John H. Corcoran congratulates new Deputy Fire Chief  Richard C. Cully of Headquarters, formerly Captain Cully of Ladder Company 3.  The promotion of Deputy Fire Chief Richard C. Cully give Cambridge the first black Deputy Fire Chief in New England.  Cully has been with the Fire Department for more than 20 years.

 (Cully on the Far right)

Root Digger Daily Journal: October 3, 2012

Today I spent most of my time going through old pictures that I had purchased in Antique Stores.  I did minimal research on the photos because at this point it doesn’t make sense for me to have them sitting in file cases and boxes because the photos need some background information.

I usually like to google the photography studios, the photographer and also look up the individuals  that have been identified.  I am very interested in taking a course in identifying old photographs.  I find it difficult to discuss the photo when I am unsure what approximate year it was taken based on the hair styles, the dress attire, the type of furniture, pose and even the type of photograph it is.  If anyone knows where a course is available online, let me know.

My grandson stayed the night with me.  I have been very impressed with how well he has been eating. He used to be a very picky eater.  When he went to bed, he said, “Grandma, you have a lot of books!”  I told him that I want to take him shopping so he can pick out some books, because he needs to read.  It really is true that our children emulate us.  Glad I can be an influence in this way. Maybe he will take to genealogy.  He is always asking about the pictures I have on the wall of his great grandparents.

Well this is all for my short insert for the night.  I am a little tired…and hope that I will have more time to post a few more photos and post Part #3 of Shober Hairston.

The Genealogy of Shober Hairston-Part #2

Well, Well…

I cannot believe all the eagerness I received from Cousin Pat Hairston and  my other cousins such as Otis Jenkins to see what I was going to post. I don’t want to get everyone too excited. Before I feel comfortable about posting, I need to be  methodical in how I present this information referencing Pat’s immediate ancestor, Shober Hairston.  I am presenting what I had provided to Pat already, but this is my way of documenting my research.

Most genealogists have a system they follow when they are doing research for online records. This is one of the initial ways one might go about getting any information that one is searching for. I try to exhaust my online searches looking through databases, doing a google search and  looking through finding aids and indexes available through online archives.  I attempt to get familiar with the people that I am researching.  Once I think I have exhausted my search, then I will see where I can order documents, and/or eventually visit the archives/libraries/courthouses, etc., of the place where one would find the records needed that were not found online.


Pat had posted that she wanted to know what happened to her grandmother Mary Hairston, who had been the mother of Shober and first wife of Charles Hairston.  It was told to me that Mary left her home pregnant with one of the younger children leaving Shober with his father and other siblings.

So the branch was broken….Now where oh where did Mary Hairston go, and where are Shober’s younger siblings that left with Mary?  Did they grow up and have family of their own?  Where are their descendants?  So these are the questions we are asking.

Since Pat provided information on her father, I will start with what is known.

I did a search on FamilySearch and found that the marriage certificate of Shober Hairston was located online at the West Virginia Archives & History Genealogy Corner.  This is a wonderful site as the documents are free and these documents are rarely found on Ancestry or Family Search.  The document is attached below:

This marriage License Application gave key information that is necessary to move forward.

Application for Marriage Licence, Shober Hairston & Efelda Johnson,

Application for Marriage Licence, Shober Hairston & Efelda Johnson,

[Partially Abstracted]

Application For Marriage Licence


     Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 6, Article 1, Chapter 48, Official Code of West Virginia, as amended by Chapter 24 of the Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, Regular session 1937, the undersigned hereby makes application for a marriage license, ….he being one of the parties of the contemplated marriage, and makes the following statement in support thereof:



They both were colored and were not related.

Shober’s parents are Charles and Mary Lou Hairston

Efelda’s parents are John and Ella Slaughter

He was 32 and she was 28

Shober was born February 24, 1918 and Efelda was born October 19th, 1921

He was born at Martinsville, VA and She was born at Red Star, West Virginia

Shober and Efelda’s place of residency at the time were Raleigh, West Virginia.

The applicants were duly sworn, says that the statements herein are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

The document was taken, subscribed and sworn to before Harry Anderson (clerk, county court, Raleigh County) and Dolly McQuade, The deputy clerk on the 18th day of March 1950.

Shober Hairston and Efelda Slaughter Johnson were joined together IN THE HOLY STATE OF MATRIMONY by the Elder S. P. Claytor, a minister of the Gospel in Beckley, West Virginia.

So now that I have the names of  Shober’s parent’s (which were also provided to me by Pat), I can begin looking at Census Records, and possibly death certificates, as it was told to me that Charles Hairston had died in a Coal Mine explosion.

Next posting will be of the Death Certificate and any news reports pertaining to Charles Hairston’s death.  We will also analyze the documents to see if there are any clues that could lead to new information.  Then we will begin searching, abstracting and analyzing the Census records of the Shober Hairston’s Family Line.

I have been building a family tree, and will eventually show the Pedigree and Family Groupings.

Tombstone Tuesday: New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

In April of 2012, I visited Arkansas for the first time.  I was in discovery of my Porter roots, and spent time with my cousin, Robert Fulford, who is the Great Nephew of my father Walter Porter.  The area of Arkansas was very rural.  I stayed in Dermott, and did exploring in some of the nearby towns.

My cousin drove me into Lake Village, Chicot County, Arkansas and I had him pull over when I came across New Hope Missionary Baptist Church which had a cemetery on its grounds.  I was so excited and exclaimed I would take pictures of all the graves around the church.  Of course, I did not, but I intend to on my return visit. I will be more prepared to do so, and might possibly index the cemetery as it is not very big, but will require a few hours to accomplish.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church has the reputation as being the Oldest Black church in the State of Arkansas.

The Placard on the grounds stated:

Jim Kelley, a slave, organized this church in 1860.  His owner allowed the use of this plot of ground on which to build a church.  On May 15, 1873, Mr. & Mrs. William B. Street deeded the property to the trustees of the church.  New Hope Missionary Baptist Church claims to be the oldest Black Church in the State of Arkansas.

The church is still in operation today.  The address is:

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Commerce & St. Mary’s Streets
Lake Village, AR 71653