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I appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by and check out my Genealogy Blog.    I am known as the Root Digger. Anything that has to do with my own Ancestry will be found on this blog.   I also love orphan photos, so I take the time to post those as often as possible.  UPDATE:  I have started another blog on Blogger to share in a more personal manner my ancestry from all four family trees…My Adopted and Birth.  They are so much a part of me and I want my readers to connect with me through my journey.  Come check me out at The Ancestors Have Spoken.

The surnames I am researching  have some relations to my ancestry, either through direct family ties, Collateral ties, or because various individuals had direct interaction with my ancestors.  I find that knowing more about the people that lived and interacted with my ancestors reveals a greater picture of their lives. “Man does not live on an island unto himself.”

Some of the Surnames that I am researching are: Anderson, Bacon, Battle, Becton, Berry, Blackledge, Braddock, Bradley, Brown, Buggs, Bunn, Busby, Cannady/Canidy/Canady, Carter, Castillo, Chadwick, Chavez, Clough, Collins, Cully/Culley, Dove, Ellis, Espinoza, Fenner, Fischer/Fisher, Foreman, Frazier, Gaudette, George, Gilliam/Gillam, Godette, Gray, Gravely, Green, Hairston/Hariston, Harkley, Harp, Hartley, Hernandez, Higgins, Hodge, Howard, Humphrey, Howard, Kennedy, Laughinghouse, Loftin, Millikin, Mitchell, Moore, Munoz, Nelson, Peters, Porter, Rodriguez, Sanchez, Scott, Singleton, Tatnall, Taylor, Wharton, Willoughby, Wilson, and Whittington, Zavala.

This is not a complete listing of surnames, however they are a bulk of my research, and as time goes on I may update this list.

The areas of my research are: North Carolina (Craven Counties such as New Bern, Havelock,), Winston-Salem, Massachusetts (Worcester, Boston, Cambridge) Mississippi, Virginia (Henry Counties), St. Louis, Missouri; New York, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and many more.

My hopes for this blog is that it connects me with individuals searching for the same ancestors.  Please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know if you found something interesting or that you think we might be family.  Please leave a comment on the comment page for me and I will return a response.

Happy Researching!!!  


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    • Thank you so much Tracy!!! I so appreciate your support, love and sisterhood!!! We are taking it to the next level!!! Love Always!!!

  1. Yvette” you are such a Bright & very smart young woman, it is such a pleasure to know such a talented woman of your caliber, keep up the good work & stay blessed!!!Love Keith!!

  2. My mother had a son in the 1950’s that was given up for a closed adoption. She will be 80yrs young this year and I would so love to help in finding him if possible. I do have some information…as much as she can remember.

  3. Yvette,

    What can you tell me about a Katie Williams Harp from Louisiana. She was my great grandmother and was married to Doc Young Harp. I believe she died in 1903 in Bastrop, Arkansas but cannot find a burial site or any cemetery records. She left four children orphaned including my grandmother and the older kids raised the younger. Can you help???

  4. Really nice site Yvette ..I’m an Anderson from Lafayette La I’m a descendent of Louis Anderson SR aka Dede ..I have death records suggesting his father Peter Anderson came from Richmond Virginia …any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. i have truly been inspired i will now go forth and do what i have been always wanting to do and follow your footsteps in finding where i come from love you!

    • Tot, I look forward to your journey of research and blogging if you choose to do so. You probably have a knack for storytelling. Love ya! Auntie

  6. Thank you for the like on my blog. Also several of your surnames are connected to folk I know will follow and share with them if yo do not mind.

  7. Hi Yvette, I noticed in your list of surnames of interest Berry is one.My maternal grandmother’s surname is Berry. In trying to link into my heritage I used the spelling Barry for her and found nothing. Maybe with you being the Root Digger you can help me in my research to the point where you may find out that we might be related. Who knows until you start digging…

    • Hi Verona,
      My Grandmother Agnes Cully Peters married a Mack Berry in her later years. I have researched the Berry name and the ones that I am familiar with originate from Texas. Not sure where else they arrived from, however, I can share with you what I have. Just let me know. My email is yporter@cox.net. Look forward to hearing back from you.

  8. Thank you Yvette for the research you’re doing it gives me an insight into my family history . I’m the great grandson of Izzora Whittington Carter a direct descendant of William H. Culley / Cully .

    • I appreciate your comments cousin. You know you can contact me anytime. I am open to speaking with you. My email is yporter@cox.net. Connect with me there and we speak to each other later. Our family is rich with lots of history and I would love to help you with more insight as I am sure you can give to me also.

  9. This is my first time on your blog and I love it. I’m researching the Anderson, Berry, Hairston and Green surnames in Va and NC.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog Kristina! I would like to hear more about what you discover in your research. As you may have noticed, one of my Surnames is Hairston. My Berry connection is that my grandmother Agnes married a Berry.

      • Yes Yvette!! I met you at the Hairston Clan reunion in September. I am very much at a brick wall. I’m hoping that when I get down to Raleigh I will be able to knock the wall down. There are just so many Hairstons!

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