Wordless Wednesday: The Gypsy Girl

Here is a photo out of my Great Grand Uncle’s [Osborne Ambrose Cully] scrapbook from 1917-1919.  She reminds me of a gypsy girl.  Not sure of her name as there were no identifying writings on the back.  It is possible that she was a family member or close friend of Osborne’s.  It would have been nice to do some research on her.

 I love her gypsy styled outfit.  This photo was probably taken in the Worcester or Springfield, Massachusetts area.


Gypsy Girl: A Photo in Osborne Ambrose Cully's Scrapbook

Gypsy Girl: A Photo in Osborne Ambrose Cully’s Scrapbook


Wordless Wednesday: The Gypsy Girl — 6 Comments

  1. Great Description – does appear to be a “dress-up” with the scarf having “coins” attached and a ? waistcoast. Anyone look similar in the album?

    • Hi GJ.

      This was the only photo with a girl or individual dressed up in the attire. This is also the only photo of this girl.

    • My prediction of this photo being taken in Worcester…is because my Cully family resided in Worcester, MA during this time. My Uncle Osborne lived in Worcester from 1899-1935. So it is an assumption on my part because it could easily be in Connecticut where Osborne went to College.

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