Zara Cully Brown: Funeral Card Friday

January 26,1892 – February 28,1978
Program Card
Inside of Program Card

I wrote about Zara in a prior post Zara Frances Cully Brown, but wanted to share her actual program.  I was 10 years old when I went to her funeral.  Below, I am posting the last performance that my Aunt Zara was playing as Mother Jefferson.

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Zara Cully Brown: Funeral Card Friday — 7 Comments

  1. So sad to see this clip. You could tell she was sick, she didn’t have the same spunk about her as she normally had. She walked a little funny as well. Bless her heart, may she rest in peace. She is truly missed.

  2. Thank you ever so kindly for posting this information on the beautiful and classy Mrs. Zara Cully Brown. The Jeffersons premiered in the mid 1970’s while I was in high school. My late Parents LOVED the show (and so did we kids) and I felt as though they were ‘family’ to me. Mrs. Brown portrayed the perfect ‘nemesis’ to her daughter-in-law, the equally beautiful Ms. Isabel Sanford (who favored my maternal Grandma SO much!) ♥ I enjoy this program every morning as I prepare to go to work…it is the perfect way to start my day!! I also could tell the latter shows after Mrs. Brown’s illnesses as she had lost weight and was obviously very weak. I have seen my loved ones in this condition many times, but those old school troopers did as Mrs. Brown did..worked until she could not do so anymore. R.I.P. & much love! ♥♥

    • Thank you for coming by and reading my post of my beloved Aunt Zara. She truly loved what did and that was to entertain.

  3. I thought Mrs. Cully’s timing was perfect! She still hit her cues!!! What a wonderful way to exit the show!!! Still on top of her game. The mere fact that she was able to walk was a blessing in itself. I loved her character. Bless you for posting this!

    • Thanks so much for the beautiful program about Zara Cully. Yesterday I saw the episode about George Jefferson’s promise to bury his mother and father together. That is the reason I signed on the computer to search for information about Zara Cully. I loved her part on the show. Carrie

  4. I still watch the jeffersons. I bought the whole first season on dvd. Mother jefferson made the show her actions. She dressed so beautiful. Zara cully (mother jefferson) has brought me many many laughs. After all these years, i can still watch them everyday. I will always remember them with heart felt love. Sincerely.

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